Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The fourth semi-final

Oh, I love the fact that things keep changing around here. The third semi-final is not loaded onto the site where I usually watch the whole show yet! Why not? And the list for the 4th semi on Wikipedia has now changed from what it said last night. Why?

So, okay, let's look. See most of the auditions here.

2 Grand -- sweet grandpa/granddaughter singers.
Brit Chix -- dumb name for a sort of ordinary guitar rock band
Callum Francis -- cute, sings and dances
Fabia Cerra -- I wonder if she might just dance without taking her clothes off. Probably not. Not sure how she can beat her killer audition. Take more clothes off?
Fred Bowers -- who doesn't love a 73-year-old break dancer?
Jackie Prescott and Tippy Toes -- dancing dog!
Julian Smith -- fantastic saxophonist and very cool fellow
Sugar Free -- female street dancers. Would get eaten alive in competition with Diversity and Flawless, but good luck to them!

Julian Smith is the only one who stands out for me in this group. Maybe Callum and Fabia? Maybe Sugar Free? 2 Grand appeal to a wide audience, I think. No clue, really...

Anyone notice that Susan Boyle is the only woman in the final? The others so far are Shawn, Shaheen, two big male dance groups and the father-son team. Also the winners of the two previous seasons have been men. I smell a conspiracy! What does the queen have to say about this?

There might just be some knitting on this knitting blog some time soon!

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  1. I thought Susan Boyle was very good in her April showing, but not as sharp (probably nerves and the weight of expectation) in the semis. Shaheen Jafargholi sounded great,very powerful voice but I couldn't really understand what he was singing about.


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