Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Look at all this green stuff!

It's May, and it's finally spring here. You can tell because all the roads are suddenly dug up. I don't think anyone is fixing potholes; I think they just decided to make more holes to celebrate spring, which they will patch later, along with the potholes. Not sure about that -- stay tuned.

Another way you can tell it is spring: green stuff.

This is not the same ravine, but it's the same general idea, and look at that green! Whoo hoo.

Alison showed us dandelion wine making
the other day. Come and get 'em; we got lots! (It's more impressive if you click to embiggen.)

And this is part of the most ginormous magnolia I've seen! I wanted to get the whole tree, but the sun was low in the sky right behind it, and we all know you shouldn't shoot into the sun. Right, Liz? Also, as I took this picture the owner of the house came out the front door and I didn't want to look too crazy, taking pictures of her tree, so I just left with the one!

Big time sew-up at my house tonight, and I hope to have a blanket to show you tomorrow!

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  1. We are finally getting green here, and some flowers, too. AT LAST!


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