Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mary's picks

I must admit to following Britain's Got Talent, since the Susan Boyle hoopla started. I can only watch the whole episodes if some kind soul loads them to an online site, since a) I'm not in Britain and b) I don't have a TV!

I still haven't seen Saturday's show -- the final auditions -- but thanks to YouTube, I've seen who will be in the semi-finals.

Tonight is the first of the semi-finals... Nail-biting excitement... And here's how it will all work out:

Diversity -- top 3 of this episode
Sue Son -- fine musician, great back-story. I'll be sad to keep on hearing about her and her stupid friend, but I think she won't get past tonight.
Darth Jackson -- cannon fodder
Natalie Okri -- top 3, and perhaps top 2
Julia Naidenko -- belly dancing goddess, but this is the end of the line for her
Nick Hell -- cannon fodder. Who really needs a guy who can dangle a garbage can from his earlobes?
Faces of Disco -- nope, sorry
Susan Boyle -- duh. Number 1.

Someone please leave me a message when the show is done! I must know what's next!

ETA: I've found the last auditions!

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