Sunday, May 03, 2009

We must go somewhere where there is more cotton

The story of yarn shopping:

On Friday my friend and I met at the Knit Cafe as it opened. I was keen for Kureyon, but it was a nice warm day, and somehow I just couldn't commit myself to knitting a wool sweater as the spring took hold. And the Knit Cafe has lots of wool and not much else...

So we left empty-handed and went down the street to Romni, the home of everything. I drifted over to the Noro stock, and discovered Taiyo! Cotton, silk, wool and nylon. But... no. Not sure why, but I managed to leave the Noro and head to the DK cotton aisle -- they have an aisle for everything, you know.

Hmm, hmm. Finally I came away with Katia Jamaica, in the only decent colourway, the greeny-bluey, #10 on that list. I got enough to make a cardigan, which is what I thought I wanted at the time.... So what am I making? A short-sleeved T-shirt-like thing. Vogue Knitting, latest issue, #19, by Anna Sui. There'll be yarn left over for a swingin' Monteagle bag, fer sure.

The sample in the magazine is knit with two strands of variegated yarn, and the trinity stitch, lace panel and twists are sort of blurred over the whole thing. So, hey, my paint-splop stripes will work just fine; all that knitterly work will be well obscured!

It's very fun to knit, with lots going on, but grrr, I wish there was a chart! The lace pattern is very simple, but it is 24 rows long. There's also something to do every right-side row, trinity stitch which has action on the wrong side and purls on the right side and a 6-row twist! Not KIP material.

Today in history: My parents were married 68 years ago today! Not bad, eh?


  1. I've wondered about self striping cottons - this looks good.

  2. It looks good and congratulations to your parents :-)


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