Sunday, March 07, 2010

I Hope and wisH it finds a good Home

My H is done. I shall mail it off to England where it will end up sewn to lots and lots of other letters, in the Poetry Society's second knitted poem.

I would love it to be in
  • Hope, Happy, wisH
  • Hero, Heroic, Heartfelt
  • Health, wealtH, birtH, deatH
  • migHt, figHt, pligHt, sigHt
  • tHink, tHougHt, tHunk (I would love my letter to be anywhere in a poem with thunk in it!)
  • HurraH! oH! aHHHH!
But, I bet most Hs end up in tHe or tHis or some other necessary but nondescript word.

Good luck, my H, and go serve where you are most needed!


  1. Here's Hoping H's Home is a Harmonious Haven of rHyme.

  2. what a lovely idea! and a happy H!


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