Tuesday, March 02, 2010

After the games

Thanks to Franklin for making this lovely medal!
And thanks to all of you who commented on my Birch! I'm quite pleased with it, of course!

I found myself digging in the stash to find another skein of laceweight yarn, but will not cast on a new anything until I get a few UFOs out of the way, and even then, I doubt a rational person would jump right in to another lace project.

One thing the Knitting Olympics shows us is that knitting monogamy (or monomania, as some would have it) gets things done. I think one doesn't have to set such a crazy pace, but certainly it would be interesting to try to knit 12 things in a year. Not 12 dishcloths, but a few sweaters, a few pairs of socks, maybe a few hat and mitt sets. Sounds totally doable -- if we can knit shawls and sweaters and blankets in 2 weeks with only minor stress and injury, think how breezy it would be if we had a whole month!

Last year I started doing 52 things in 52 weeks -- there are a lot of tiny objects on the list, and though I was ahead for much of the early going, I am now at 39 weeks and 33 projects. But maybe when the 52 weeks are over and {ahem} I have finished all those things I have started, I might just try to think of 12 major things to make in the next 12 months.

I could probably come up with a short list right now:
  1. something with my Felted Tweed. I have a couple of sweaters from Rowan 44 in mind. Fear of colourwork is holding me back a bit, though.
  2. the cardigan from Rowan 47 I didn't make for the Olympics -- I was going to switch and use the Kureyon Sock yarn, but perhaps it's not a decent sub for KSH!
  3. the cardigan I've sort of started with the Kureyon Sock. Maybe #2 and #3 will end up being one item, and maybe two
  4. a classic denim sweater -- maybe Sunday Best or Whitby or some other gansey-esque item. First I have to decide if I dare make it for Arthur, who continues to grow and grow, or for someone else
  5. I have so much sock yarn, let's add a pair of socks
  6. and another pair of socks
  7. Something with that skein of laceweight I dug out today!
  8. I have some lovely grey Cascade wool that would make a fancy-pants cabled scarf and hat (hat and mitts?) or maybe a giant shawl
  9. I have some pink cotton that begs to be made into a swanky summer wrap, maybe a Clapotis
  10. Can I come up with twelve off the top of my head, from stash? I could make one month "hats from stash" month, and likely whip up 3 or 4 in various weights.
  11. I have 2 blankets that will not be finished by the end of this 52-week business. The Louvre floor needs at least 8 or 9 more squares,
  12. and I have a few squares of a sock-yarn-leftovers blanket. When I get more leftovers, I'll make more squares.
There! Now, let's see what happens in the next 13 weeks while I finish up my 52 in 52, and we'll check in on this grand scheme again.

In the middle of writing this I realised that I'm not going to start polishing off UFOs right this minute: first I have an H to make for the Poetry Society. I got this far before getting distracted...

Getting distracted is the one major danger to plans like this, I find.

So, for the immediate future, I will finish the Skiers and my H. That's all I'll say just now!


  1. When I clicked the link I realized you really meant an "H"! I thought it was code for something. I love it! I haven't picked out my next project. I'm working on UFOs as well.

  2. Well sounds like someone will be busy, i wonder how long you will stick to this list. If i were you i would just knit what you like to knit and wait until decemember then crank some hats out. But this does sound like a good idea, maybe i should try this, nah!

  3. I recently worked with some Kureyon sock, and wouldn't consider it a sub for KSH. So dig deeper in that stash!

  4. ha ha, yes, distractions are certainly.... distracting!
    have fun with your list and with your "h"!!

  5. Working 1 project at a time is definitely more productive, as it setting achievable goals. I also find planning (getting yarn, pattern needles together) to also be helpful or I end up casting something off and dithering about what next.


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