Friday, April 23, 2010

Care and feeding of the Chia pet

My love of the totally crazy led me to adopt this dinosaur Chia pet when my friends were getting rid of it.

After gleefully taking it home, it occurred to me to ask how old it was, and I got the answer: "...been sitting around for years - you might sprout a few cobwebs."

Caveat emptor indeed.

But, undaunted, I soaked my terra cotta dinosaur in water for 24 hours, and I soaked my ancient seeds in another bit of water.

This turns them into some sort of gelatinous muck which will stick to the grooves on the planter.

And it seems to have worked -- they were certainly mucky!

They appear to be sticking.

The instructions promise sprouts soon, and a lovely coat in one to two weeks... though they say nothing about seeds that have been sitting around in a package for several years.

We shall see!

I was dismayed to find that there was no Flickr group especially for Chia pets, but I did find some gems.

We have the Barack Obama Chia.

The unidentifiable but very luxuriant Chia.

Now, this is amazing... The chronicle of the Kurt Vonnegut Chia.

I'm not sure I'll give you such excellent coverage of the dinosaur's progress, but I'll do my best.


  1. I fell over laughing when I first saw the Obama chia head. But Kurt Vonnegut? That is surreal in itslef.

  2. eeee! how fun!
    i hope the super old seeds sprout, that dino is awesome

  3. I'm a fan of the Einstein and sheep chias myself, tho I think the one we had was some woodland creature (since lost or given away when we moved). I'm pretty sure you can order fresh chia seeds online if yours don't sprout ( Our cat also enjoyed the chia sprouts and did a bit of grazing. The chia pet didn't seem to mind. :)


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