Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All but the buttons

Fits like it was made for him! Well, that's because my loosey-goosey calculations turned out to be bang on for once. The sleeves are a good length, and if he can hold off on the growing for a bit, we'll be fine.

(That's not a giant red bow in his hair, that's a big red kite hanging from the ceiling!)

"Look like a skier!" Too bad the loony grin was too much for public viewing.

I am afraid that I have not been as successful with the Chia pet. It is a dud, I have to say. I will look for some fresh seeds, but for now, it's a big ol' zero.

And now I have a few days to sew on the buttons for this sweater and attempt to sew up one more! But we are gearing up for the last birthday party of the season this weekend, and I have Coq au Vin to make (it starts at the bottom of that page), as well as a cake and all that other party stuff. So we shall see about sweater seaming.

Tonight, buttons!


  1. Coq au Vin, mmmmmm.

    The sweater looks great, and it matches his room!

  2. oh wow! it looks wonderful! congratulations!!

  3. I nearly found you some buttons. wrong colour though. prob the wrong size too. but you know, they were nearly the right buttons. I made you a post on my blog

  4. wow- look how far you've come! it looks wonderful!

  5. Tremendous...great to see it.


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