Saturday, April 24, 2010

Unfinished business

I see by my sidebar list that I have not finished anything since February*! I guess if you count bits, I may make my "52 items in 52 weeks" deadline, but it does seem a bit cheating to count a sleeve as an FO!

I have made some pieces of stocking stitch in scraps of DK wool that I mean to sew together into a blanket one day. Does that add 2 or 3 more items? (Reason #1 for disliking stocking stitch -- the dreaded curl!)

I did pledge to have two finished sweaters by the end of the month, and that could still happen -- I've got about a week, I think!

Just a few billion ends to sew in and a collar to knit. And some seams to sew and some buttons to acquire and apply. A breeze....

* ETA: I forgot about my H! So, now I say I haven't finished anything since March. Much better...


  1. If it's done being knitted, you should count it. All that finishing, that's the equivalent of a front or back in knitting time, I think.

  2. depending on the project finishing can take just as long, or longer, than the actual knitting. from the looks of your piles of loose ends you might be in that category!
    good luck!!

  3. ooh i hate end-weaving! i need to lend you my mother-- she loves it!
    it'll all be worth it though, lovely projects!


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