Saturday, July 24, 2010

I made a few things

Since finishing the pink socks, I have made a list of all the things I have on the needles and got on a wee bit of a finishing spree. Though to be honest, one of the things I finished, I also had just started, and some of the things look like I will never finish them, and while planning what to knit on holiday a month from now, I sort of started something completely new....

It's a miracle anything gets done around here.

Okay. So. In August, I will see my nephew, who will be days away from his 40th birthday. Heck, he must have a dishrag!

That, of course, made me look at my pile of dishcloth cotton and realise I could spend a couple of weeks casually making a stack of dishcloths. But wait, what's this over here... more Katia Jamaica yarn from the Acres of Mesh sweater! That would make one of those very cool blankets! (That's on Ravelry.) I can make that on my holiday!

Oops, I thought I'd just try things out.

I am making no-sew miters and so far have 7 little squares. I figure my Jamaica will give me about 22. So I also rustled up leftovers from Basalt -- dark green DK cotton. I started thinking the blanket would be six by six little squares, but I think maybe five by five, or four by six. Kay made lovely diagrams in that tutorial, and I have done my best to make little diagrams too, though low-tech. On a shopping list.

That's two new items! What happened to the desire to finish, to cross something off the list?

The hot pink cotton scarf was started, apparently, on May 6th (of this year!) and yesterday I made the last few rows of edging and it's done! I ran out of yarn 3 rows from the end -- but luckily I have another whole skein of this stuff. I think the original plan involved a much wider wrap, but somehow I got distracted.

I didn't really pay too much attention to that edging pattern, and sometimes I have 3 ridges of garter stitch between eyelet rows, and sometimes 4. That makes it a bit hard to arrange the second end to match up with the first... and so they don't match.

One end has five sets of eyelets, and the other has six. But you won't tell, will you?

After I wrapped it around my neck and had Arthur snap my picture, I did a quick blocking of the scarf, and it seems to have ended up about 8 feet long! Which is very long indeed.

Plans now include making more jazzy miters, and perhaps, just maybe, finishing the second grey-footed sock. I see that I started these one year ago, so it does seem like it's time. I also promised to have a blanket of DK wool strips done by September, so that should be in the lineup, too. But I did get a new Rowan magazine the other day, and so have several sweaters in my mental queue....


  1. oooh i am just loving your blanket-in-progress! it is going to look fabulous!

    (and the scarf and dishcloth are awesome as well!!)

  2. It's important to think ahead.


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