Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another finish!

My mom's birthday socks are done! And I still do not have to panic about mailing them. I'll saunter down to the post office tomorrow and they'll get there in plenty of time. I will see her later in the summer, but figure the birthday present should get there for the actual birthday.

And now, what? I could finish the second grey-footed sock. I could finish the pink cotton scarf, which is not quite that alarmingly pink! I could do any number of things... Luckily Stephen is away this week, so I can spread yarn and UFOs all over his side of the bed to study at my leisure.

Thank you for all your concern about my poor foot! It is fortunate that the foot doesn't contain any vital organs or, in fact, much except bones. No lasting damage seems to have been done and I'm not limping (too much).

1 comment:

  1. oooh the socks look fantastic! i'm sure your mom will just love them!

    glad to hear you're on the mend.


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