Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer's half over

We have had a month of summer holidays, and I have been ferrying kids here and there, getting them out of bed, making lunches... it's like school! Now the plan was for two weeks of hanging out and relaxing, but we seem to have got ourselves invited to visit friends in fun places, so next week we will be renting a car and packing stuff up and arranging spare clothes and sleeping bags... No rest for the wicked, as they say.

In preparation for the first of our little trips -- a quick sail on Georgian Bay with people who are planning on living aboard for a year while sailing in the Caribbean -- I made a sailboat dishcloth!

I knew I would be a bit short of the blue, so I made the waves foaming under the hull, and then had to put a few puffy white clouds in at the top. It hardly looks like I ran out of yarn at all... Well, yeah, a knitter might spot that trick.

Otherwise, I am almost finished the grey-footed sock. Of course, there is a bit of drama there, as I race to the toe with a very limited amount of yarn. I should have pictures for you any day now, and I hope the toes can both be grey!

August will be a month of car and plane knitting and so on. Here are my lofty goals:

1. finish the grey-footed socks (edited to add, a few hours later: I finished these! And it's still July!)

Here are the rest of the lofty goals:
  1. finish the Jamaica blanket
  2. I have a scarf I haven't shown you yet, made from M's handspun, and I will continue to work on that
  3. I seem to have started a cardigan from the latest VK, in my long-neglected Noro Sock. I hope to have a sleeve done by the end of the month! (Oh, heavens, I bought that yarn a year ago!)
  4. I said I would have a blanket done for September -- not sure if that's Sept 1 or Sept 30 -- so will have to start sewing soon on the DK strips, and filling in gaps. I know that they are not all even in length, but I have a plan. Must get the plan, the knitting and the camera all together soon to show you my progress.
Okay, that's enough!
Today's adventure should involve knitting, but we also are having a wee domestic crisis, because the washing machine may have packed it in. I hope to send the boys to the basement with a wrench while I sit upstairs with my knitting, but the whole family might just have to troop out to... wherever one goes to buy a washer!