Monday, August 03, 2009

My next project

I went out to the Naked Sheep the other day and picked up a few balls of Noro Kureyon sock yarn. All the same colourway and dyelot, believe it or not!

It wants a 3mm needle, and I want to make a cardigan for me, so don't look for this finished any time soon!

I am thinking top-down raglan imitation of this, from my new-to-me 1967 Vogue Knitting. With a different collar... I'm intrigued by the hem and facing -- no ribbing at the bottom, no icky buttonbands to deal with. I can't use the original pattern, although the gauge will be similar -- in this issue of VK there is nothing above a size 16, and a size 16 in 1967 was a 36-inch bust!

Right now I am virtuously knitting away on my mesh. Started the front. Have also started worrying about fitting the sleeves in.

Oh, and an offshoot of my recent Ebay activity is that I have discovered I am rich rich rich. Once I went to someone's destash sale and got a bit of yarn for a few bucks and some books for nothing at all. And one of those books was Alice Starmore's In the Hebrides, which I just saw on Ebay for over $400US! I guess I won't be Freecycling that right now, though I doubt I will ever use it. I feel like I should pack it away in acid-free, climate-controlled splendour, where it will be safe from getting tea slopped on it!


  1. My friend is a librarian and new knitter who started the twice monthly knit group at our local library to support her new addiction. One day we were discussing how some books seem to "walk away" from the library- notably several of the Vogue "On the Go" books and recent issues of knitting, crochet and Martha Stewart Mags(?). Since our library has most of Alice Starmore's books (including celtic needlepoint) I mentioned that someone could make some money if they stole or even checked out and "lost" one of those since they were so hard to find and pricy on ebay. She immediately notified the library's book buyer who did some research on ebay and on some rare book sites. If you "lose" one of Alice's books now, you will be charged several hundred (US) $$ rather than the US$36 or so cover price. It's a pretty sad commentary that the library has to resort to this (and one Alice book was miraculously found last month when the patron found out how much she now owed the library) but it's great that I can check out an Alice and drool over the lovely sweaters and scenery whenever I want.

  2. I've got some socks in the same colourway. It's lovely, you made a great choice!


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