Monday, August 17, 2009

The acres are getting smaller

See how boring it is when I just knit one thing? Blah blah same old sweater... (and yet, I couldn't wait until daylight to take the picture outside).

I have finished the front and have started a sleeve. The worrisome thing is: will the set-in sleeves fit in the armscyes? I have not cut the yarn for the fronts, and will gladly knit more (unlikely) or rip back (more likely) when I get a sleeve knit.

Which I am doing as fast as I can. In two weeks we are going on holiday, and although we are going up near Algonquin and not the Mediterranean, I am sure I will need a chichi beach cover-up garment. Perhaps also a large woollen wrap... At least there should be fewer bugs than earlier in the season! In any case, I will make sure this is done by then.

And really, there is not much else to report. Kids are going to camp sometimes; it's really hot today; I grew an eggplant! Perhaps I'll liven things up tomorrow with a picture of the eggplant, because I think it is time to harvest that baby!

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