Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ebay delight

There is one thing I have been stalking on Ebay since I started looking at it. And that is Rowan 10.

People want it because it has Kate Moss modeling in it. I guess... but I want it because I've heard that the pictures are "inspired" by Arthur Ransome's books. Kaffe Fassett modeled by Kate Moss while camping!

I have had three, yes, three, Rowan 10 magazines slip through my fingers, though one was on Ravelry, rather than Ebay. That person only wanted $20 for it -- I was just too slow to respond. Grr.

Today I took the kids out to Toronto Island, and I knew that my latest Rowan 10 auction would close while we were out. So, I bumped my maximum bid up and left it in the hands of Fate. And, I got it! Phew! It has to be mailed from England, but it's mine all mine.

It poured down rain on us at the island, but we did get a bunch of fun in before the downpour. And we saw a bush full of butterflies!


  1. Hooray! I'm so glad that it is yours, at last. My favourite Arthur Ransome's are Winter Holiday and We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea.

  2. Score! And you can keep In the Hebrides for a rainy day. Although I must admit I sold mine for some outrageous sum on ebay a few years ago, since I was afraid that Ms. Starmore might reprint things and my price would drop.

  3. Do you know that that plant is actually called a Butterfly Bush? (Pretty photo!)


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