Monday, August 24, 2009

One of these things is not like the others

I am preparing for my holiday next week, and besides the basics of pasta and breakfast cereal and bacon and eggs and toothpaste and all that, I must think of my knitting.

Of course, the beach top will be finished. Ahem. And the car sock will get revived. The Kureyon sock yarn cardigan which requires fiddling and thinking and so on will not be coming with us, I'm afraid. Not that I have started it, but I think of it!

No, what will be making the trip is some old Rowan Magpie and my new Rowan 17.

It contains many delightful things I will knit one day, but I happen to have 6 balls of Magpie in the stash and there's a nice sweater I could make for Elaine -- plain stocking stitch with a nice collar... easy knitting for the cottage!

So, today I was winding the wool, and noticed that one ball was huge! Turns out most of the 100-gram balls are really about 96 or 98, but this one was 159 grams! I'm tempted to start the size which calls for 7 balls, since really I have six and a half.

Look at the size of that baby!

It will eventually become this:

I'm tempted to make the body in one piece to the armholes and then join the whole thing into a yoke and make raglan decreases, rather than have that bulky drop sleeve. And it won't end up that gargantuan on Elaine, since despite my 159-gram ball, I still am cutting it a bit fine. I'll just start at the bottom and see what happens!

Expect finished pictures of the Acres of Mesh before Saturday! Eek!

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  1. I'm cheering for the second sleeve! Go! Go! Go!

    Not surprisingly, I'll be packing squares to knit on our road trip tomorrow. I'm going to be optimisitic and bring all four colors along, because who knooooooooows how much I might get through if I can keep my eyes open.


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