Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A few random pictures

First up today we have the tree that fell over in a storm last week.

It was a pretty big storm, but this was a pretty big tree! And look how totally rotten the inside was! Worm-eaten mush, and 4 feet in diameter, at least. It took out a telephone pole, but managed to fall just parallel to the road and no-one seems to have been hurt.

Second, I must show you a part of our dinner this evening.

I made a lamb dish from Jamie At Home, which involved some salad greens and this melange of red onions and parsley. (Bowl by Jerry Kry, who -- hey! -- has a web page!) It was just so pretty I had to take a picture. (I left out the pistachios and just cooked the ground meat up in the frying pan.)

And since this is a knitting blog, I will show you the pre-holiday state of play for the socks.

I got this candy-coloured yarn at a swap and didn't realise that someone had already used up about half of each ball. So I will knit up what I have and make two legs, and then stick different coloured feet on. This will be car knitting, and I will come home with two similarly sized leg bits.

And that is all I have for you today!