Thursday, July 30, 2009

The old monthly round-up

I said at the end of June that I would finish an afghan square (yes, I did), finish Arthur's socks (yes, I did), make a poinsettia dishcloth (I'm working on it) and work on that cotton top.

In fact, I also made the big woolly blanket.

And half a sock!

And, yeah, that cotton top... I switched patterns and started something completely different. I know that most summers, the idea of wearing a knitted anything is just not appealing. The fabric is too heavy, even in cotton, and that Anna Sui top is kind of dense. And there was a small question of fit... I'm not really the snug-fitting kind of girl.

So, now I am barrelling along on this.

Acres of mesh stitch.

And when I finish it, I'll look like this.

Which reminds me of what's going on at the Stash Basket. We are trying the "lose weight = win goodies" trick. Everyone puts something yarny or crafty in the metaphorical pot, and then for each pound you lose by sometime around the end of the year, you get a raffle ticket to win something! Tempting, right? Well, I still have very few tickets. And today is weighing day, and we had friends over for dinner last night... Next week for sure!

Back to knitting! In August (ack, already!?) I will continue to work on the acres of mesh. And that's all I'm going to promise. The new VK is due out soon, and there are a million great-looking hats. I also want to make a Trilobite. We shall see. We have a week at a cottage at the very end of August, and I bet I'll get more sock knitting done then.

Gawd, and then it will be September!

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