Sunday, July 19, 2009

Focus, determination, diligence

Hey, I have been knitting.

I sent my husband out of the country last week, and glued my children to computer screens, compelling them to watch dumb cartoons and pretend to wander around strange and foreign lands. (I could link those, but I don't think I will. I wonder what would happen if you googled "dumb cartoons.")

And then I just picked up those needles and knit. If I did release my kids, and allow them out of the house, I made sure we went on long subway rides so I could get some knitting in. I knit on the beach and on the way to the museum. Knit knit knit.

Just focus, and the job will get done!

Yessiree, morning to night, two strands of wool, making the most colourful, warmest, thickest baby blanket ever!

What, not a cotton short-sleeved top?

Um, no. There's been some issues with that. Which I'll get to later.

The blanket became all-consuming, and really did consume most of my odd balls of DK weight wool. Which is why it is so dang heavy -- I compare it to the apron one puts on when getting a dental x-ray!

I wonder if one could put it on a small child without a risk of crushing the poor thing. Anyways, for now it is draped over a chair.

Must find a baby -- it's not big enough for afghans for Afghans. And an Afghan baby might actually need a double-thick wool blanket!