Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Away for the weekend

I should say, there are a lot of pictures to follow.

Once upon a time, we were sitting on the back deck with some friends, and they were talking about us visiting their farm near Picton, Prince Edward County. Stephen said he'd do some sort of wood project for them if they liked -- I think the idea of sitting in the shade watching the kids play hide-and-seek didn't do it for him!

So, hmm, what sort of thing could he build? Another birdhouse, naaah.

How about a swing set? Not too big, useful if you have 2 young girls, a weekend project rather than something that could take all summer. Sounds good.

And, off we went. (I must say, off we went after much drawing of plans and calculating of wood and screw and bolt numbers. Not like me, when I cast on for the back without even knowing if the garment will end up with sleeves or not.)

Elaine, her friend and the little sister didn't do much of the carpentry, or the hole digging, or the concrete mixing. They played hide-and-seek, ran around in the fields, decorated cakes, read books and watched the Sound of Music.

This is a piece of a double-wide kid-sized rocking chair. Lovely! The kids, of course, preferred the chairs the adults wanted to sit in...

The other mom and I relaxed in the shade as much as possible, but made a trip into town -- I saw the thrift store; the secondhand furniture store where we picked up a hefty volume called something like the American Woman's Guide to Home Decorating, 1948 edition; Rose Haven; and the Regent Theatre. Imagine my chagrin when, just before we left Sunday, I looked in the local paper to see that on the 23rd, our first night there, the theatre was holding "A Night with Tom Jones and Tina Turner." Really? Tom and Tina in Picton's little theatre? The 22nd, indeed, they had an evening with Abba and the Bee Gees! Next time, boy, I'm going to investigate that place...

I also found time for some knitting in the sunporch.

We all took a trip to the beach.

Elaine emerging from the waves.

On our way to pick blueberries with the girls we passed a sunflower farm!

Note the bug on the berry.

We also saw some great pond scum!

Arthur, being a manly fellow, was put to work, digging holes and carrying wood, driving screws and getting water.

Standing in a hole.

He took the occasional rest.

The screws come in little boxes with these very useful lids! Must use more screws, so as to get a box for my stitch markers and darning needles, with a built-in ruler on the lid!

A few details remain for future weekend guests, but it works!


  1. Very nice too! So how many more screws do need using so you have a handy dandy needle box?

  2. Very neat. We were on that same beach a week ago, but only for a day trip. That sign cracks me up, too.


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