Saturday, July 18, 2009

About that sweatshirt, and a few other things

My kids were laughing so hard the tears were rolling down their faces as we discussed my new wardrobe item. They pointed out the following: cutting the sleeves off doesn't do anything about the holes or fraying seams on the shoulders; it looks like a painting smock; it'll fray worse than ever (I say it won't!); and all in all, it's not the least bit style-y. Probably other things, as well.

Crushed as I was by their comments, I didn't wear it out this morning when we went to see Harry Potter!

Ooooh, it was okay. Not super-fantastico, but pretty good. They left good stuff out, and put in a scene which did nothing for the economy of the film, and things just aren't as good as in the book, but, okay, pretty good.

And, for free! The mom of a friend of Arthur has a financial advisor, whom she visits once a year, and this financial advisor shows the odd movie as a "customer appreciation" event, complete with popcorn and a drink, at the ungodly hour of 9 am on a Saturday in deepest darkest suburbia!! But we all have to make some sacrifices, and it was worth getting up early to see this.

And with 2 subway rides and a 2.5 hour movie, I made a hat, which will go to Streetknit.

My face was so red, I had to make everything else green to get a presentable picture!