Thursday, August 05, 2010

The pictures I took, plus some more

On Tuesday we set off to visit friends and take a wee trip on their 42-foot, 18-ton sailboat!

Before we left, I took pictures of my knitting, because I am always thinking of my dear blog readers.

Here is the Rowan knitting bag they gave as a member gift this year. It says, "Relax, Handknit, Create" on the other side. Highly controversial for a bag! Previously they have given yarn and patterns, more knitterly and definitely worth considerably more than a jute bag! Anyways, it works just fine, and here is mine on its maiden voyage.

It held two projects:

The blanket made of DK wool scraps needs one more strip. Here we have the red and blue strip, waiting for its pink addition. I knew I needed at least the length this pink would give, but didn't want to be worrying about measuring, so didn't bring any other wool for this. I knit on pink wool for a couple of hours in traffic out of Toronto, and had finished that ball before we got where we were going, Penetanguishene, home of a big prison and mental health institution, and "gateway to Georgian Bay."

It doesn't look like much, due to the hated Stocking Stitch Curl, but there is 4 or 5 inches there, I think.

Also I took a brand new pair of socks. This was perhaps not rational, as I still have 2 pairs of socks on the needles, but those are patterned and these would just be plain old round and round knitting.

(Project bag from Liz!)

As we were sitting around the cockpit of the boat, I yanked out the middle of the ball, hoping for that end to just miraculously present itself to me, the way some well-behaved yarns do. But no, I got a huge clump, hopelessly tangled, and, as it turned out, separate from the main ball! When we finally pulled and wound and teased this yarn barf into some semblance of order, I had a teeny little ball, and the rest of the big ball! We shall see how this messes up my tiger-stripes!

I got a reasonable amount done, despite time wasted in detangling!

And that is all the pictures I took! Lucky for me, Stephen had the big camera, and took a billion pictures.

Mary knitting, hoping that mess in the corner will resolve itself. Elaine indulging in the evening pastime of feeding the ducks stale hot dog buns.

Elaine helping in the detangling process. We are now "at sea," heading out toward Beausoleil island, the biggest island in a national park, and with a nice sandy beach.

Arthur "looking nautical."

Arthur goofing around. A great Canadian activity, apparently.

Sailing along!

Anchored, and going ashore in the dinghy. It looks rather grim here, weather-wise. I had taken raincoats, sweatshirts and long pants, as well as bathing suits and beach towels, because the forecast was for thunderstorms and rain. The clouds rolled in and out, but we were lucky and avoided any actual rain.

Another boat. Most of the other boats we saw were power boats and jet-skis, crashing about making noise. This was some sort of antique, perhaps associated with these guys. But perhaps not -- maybe there are lots of pirate ships about!

Back at the dock after our day out.

We had meant to make a bit longer voyage, staying away from the dock overnight, but on Tuesday, after lunch, we got all set to go, the skipper turned the key to start the motor, and ... absolutely nothing happened. This led to scrambling around looking at batteries, getting all sorts of guys to come and hmmm and haw, calling electricians, fretting, cursing, getting out a beer, etc etc.

Wednesday morning the battery was fully charged and we got away early, but I understand that the electrician will be back today to sort things out properly! BOAT: it stands for "Bring out another thousand," I hear!


  1. That sounds like good sailing, mostly. Coincidentally, I also reached into the middle of a ball of yarn earlier this week, while sitting in an airplane and not a boat, and couldn't find the middle. I ended up rewinding the whole ball and losing plenty of knitting time. We had wonderful views to knit by on our outbound trip, though. I'll show you pictures soon.

  2. i am super envious of your new rowan tote!
    and of all your knitting/boating time - glad you are enjoying your summer!

  3. Sweet picture of you and Elaine - how much she looks like you!


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