Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Planning the next trip

Next week we are off to see relatives and mountains in BC. This time we are not just sitting in one place, but going to three different hotels in three different towns. That means: a plane ride there, 2 long car trips and a plane ride back! Not to mention those evenings sitting around with jigsaw puzzles or Scrabble (mind you, I don't tend to knit while playing Scrabble, since it's such a cut-throat game).

I will take my pseudo-tiger sock. I am trying to get the heel sorted before getting on the plane, so I will really just have to knitknitknit and not think too much about it.

I will take the mitered cotton blanket. Small bits, easy knitting.

I hope to finish the last panel for the wool blanket before I go. Again we are up against the facts: it won't get done unless I pick it up and knit on it. Darn. It's sort of boring, and it's sort of fiddly -- I have to get the length right on this one! I shall exert myself.

And, because all that seemed so last week, I have devised a new project. Of course. I was rummaging in the wool bin upstairs, and realised I have loads of black and grey! I have 4 balls of black Creme, a wool/silk blend; 4 skeins of dark grey Cascade 220; a ball each of black and grey Paton's Classic; a ball of some black Misti alpaca I picked up at a swap! I also found a bit of beaded thread I came across at a destash sale.

Beaded thread and a strand of Creme

Toss all this around in the brain, with this shawl (on Ravelry)! For those of you who can't see that, I will try to describe it. It's several layers of shawl -- strips of edgings sort of attached across here and there, leafy motifs in various greens, various weights, all meant to capture a BC rainforest in knitting.

How about if I did that in blacks and greys? Sort of haunted house, Halloween, witchy? I hope it might look a bit medieval and Wise Woman-ish, but so far all I have is an unphotographable triangle. I am using a pattern called Faux Spanish Lace as my base.

Clearly the beads will run out shortly, but I will have a little excitement on the bottom point. We shall just have to see how it all works out, won't we?


  1. Just don't forget to leave a trail of breadcrumbs...

  2. how lucky are you! a trip to b.c. *and* all that knitting time!?!?

    have a great time!!


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