Monday, July 12, 2010


This is part of what happens when you leave your knitting on the floor:

That hurt.

After one steps on a 2.75 mm pointy stick in bare feet, here's what happens next.
  1. Hobble upstairs to the bathroom to wash the wound and put a Spiderman band-aid on, apparently dripping blood on the way.
  2. Stick foot in sink, find cloth, find polysporin, find band-aids, etc.
  3. With damp rag in hand and superhero band-aid working its magic, hobble back, retracing earlier path, wiping blood out of the carpet.
  4. Hobble back to the bathroom to deal with damp rag; pass desk, pick up camera.
  5. Hobble back downstairs, grab knitting, hobble outside to catch the evening light, photograph evidence. Also photograph bottom of foot.
  6. Hobble back upstairs, kick kid off computer, upload pictures. Decide picture of the bottom of one's foot is not really fit for show.
That's it for this evening, folks. I hope we won't have any more of these emergency blogging situations. Also, I hope there's another sock needle somewhere around.

I must say I have renewed sympathy for Jane, who stepped on a plug, and Ryan, who stepped on a wooden needle, though since she only complained about breaking the needle and not her skin, I would assume she was wearing shoes! This stepping-on business has got to stop!

Right now I am going to find a comfy chair, complete with footstool, and read the book I finally got from the library. It's The Crossing Places, by Elly Griffiths, recommended by Liz.


  1. I never did clarify, did I? Yep, I was wearing shoes. Still, the "kah-runch" of the needle giving way under my foot was kinda nauseating.

    Love the Spiderman-bandaid approach! Grownups need to get their giggles where they can.

    Hope you're doing okay...? Sending soothing, woo-woo thoughts your way.

  2. Ouch! I thought DPNs looked dangerous.

  3. oh my - i've never heard of such a horrendous knitting accident. thank goodness you had spiderman to come to the rescue!

    i hope you enjoy your book!

  4. It's definitely time for you to learn to magic loop ! I do hope your foot heals quickly and well. That really must have hurt a lot, judging by the bend in the needle !
    About the magic loop : I was resistant for ages. Loved my DPs. Had tried two circ.s and not enjoyed the experience. I am now a total convert. One 80cm long needle is all you need. There are tutorials up on youtube...


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