Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dyeing in the kitchen

Yesterday I took Elaine, some white wool and a few packets of Kool-Aid to Madeleine's house. She also had some Kool-Aid, the imported stuff from the States, like lemonade and black cherry! The black cherry makes a deeper, purply red, and the lemonade is a very delicate yellow. We added yellow food colouring to boost it!

We had thought of just putting the wool in the jars, but that turkey baster is so appealing! I don't have pictures of all the yarn, but this turned out pretty darn red, with, I believe, cherry and black cherry.

This next was one of Elaine's skeins. She likes to leave lots of white, but I think this did get a bit more colour as time went on. I will encourage her to bring some knitting on the holiday, but that doesn't necessarily mean much!

Ah, and this is what the girls really wanted to do!

This morning we have the skein:

Wound into a ball:

And her bigger skein, still drying a bit:

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