Friday, November 04, 2011

I need a November square

My block-a-month group is using these last months of 2011 to finish up blankets, but my blanket needs a few more squares, so I must soldier on alone and find a square to knit!

This is called Eyelet and Flame Chevron, from the Vogue Knitting stitch-a-day calendar for 2010. Clever placement of yarnovers and decreases; about the right size without a lot of fiddling; all one colour this month, I think; no cables!

(Indoor/no-flash photo off somewhat glossy paper, with photographer's shadow and inexpertly boosted colour!)

Now, I am not going to just jump right in and knit this, though I have vague plans to get it done shortly. I have started the other front of the Botticelli, and I do love it so. Tomorrow night I have to go hang around while Arthur plays Dungeons & Dragons, so perhaps I'll take the square then.

(An aside: if you had a pattern-a-day calendar and were leaving your cosy home to knit, would you rip out the page you were knitting from, risking losing it and messing up the calendar; carry the whole block of pages, a desk calendar from last year, around with you, looking a bit crazy; or copy the 24-row pattern out on a piece of paper? The block is not really convenient to knit from, as it doesn't stay open to the desired page without a cup of tea or something to weigh it down. Not a great design, in my mind.)

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  1. love that square! the pattern gives a real sense of motion to the block.


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