Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last post of the month

And now, snow.

It may or may not stick around, but it sort of disrupts one's day, especially if plans included walking to the liquor store and bringing home a quantity of holiday-friendly bottles.

I think plans might now include finishing that November square before November is gone forever.

I may not post for a while, unless something thrilling happens, like I finish the square! NaBloPoMo is over for another year. Next year, who knows, I might try the "knit a sweater in a month" version!


  1. yay you made it!

    and i'm jealous - i want some snow down here!!

  2. Snow!!! We have none yet; this time last year, we were bored of it already.but that was exceptional.

    Congrats on the month of blogging. With that behind you, and all that knitting ahead, I'd quite understand if you went quiet for a while...


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