Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some years later

Once upon a time, I tried to make an advent calendar out of toilet paper rolls. It was a miserable failure, but the idea still appealed. So now, five years later, I was bit better prepared.

Take note that November is not even over yet, so I still had time for do-overs if it had gone badly. Take note, also, that my kids are somewhat older and better able to help (or in fact, do most of the work involved).

First step: save toilet paper tubes for months and months. Today, after I was sure the project was done, I took a huge bag of extra rolls in to my favourite Grade 1 teacher. Better too many than too few, right?

Second step: Get a child to cut the rolls in half. Because we decided to make only one calendar, we only really needed 12 tubes! Elaine started cutting the tubes in October, I think, and they sat around unloved for some time, but then were ready when we got keen.

Next: Cover one end of each tube with pretty paper. We used bits of Christmas wrapping paper.

After that: Put two candies in each tube. This means that the two kids will have to cooperate on the opening and sharing business. Hershey's kisses! Christmas colours!

Fifth: Put a piece of paper on the other end. Write numbers on. Now you have 24 small closed cylinders containing candy.

Then: Arrange your tubes. You need a piece of cardboard for backing. A cereal box or pizza box will do just fine. We decided on the basic tree shape, but without a stem. The ones on top are sort of the star on top of the tree.

Finally: Cut out the shape and glue the tubes down. (A small offering to the gods of glue might be in order here. It would be a shame if the things fell off!)

And there you have it! I think we need to strengthen the back and make some sort of support so it can stand up nicely. We still have a week before it gets used, so we should be able to work that out.

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