Thursday, January 02, 2014

14 WIPs in 2014?

I saw a New Years blog and was reminded of the cute 21st-century practice of doing 8 things in 2008, 13 in 2013 and now 14 in 2014. We certainly never tried to do 97 things in 1997, I'm telling you.

Do you suppose I have 14 works-in-progress that I could try to finish up in 2014? Let's count, shall we? The links go to previous blog entries about the project... some are quite old!
  1. second mitten
  2. green sock (one could count the second sock in here, I suppose)
  3. Elaine's socks (and she for sure gets two)
  4. the cotton shawl with the miserable edging (sigh)
  5. Malabrigo scarf
  6. Botticelli
  7. Sunday Best
  8. that beautiful golden shawl you might not have seen but I have knitted about an inch on it
That might actually be all the things actually on needles at the moment. Some are easily doable. Okay, all of them are doable in the next 12 months if I put my mind to it.

Then there are the fantasy knits: I have a sweater's worth of Rowan 4-ply wool. I have many balls of sock yarn, dishcloth cotton, denim, and still more Felted Tweed that now I want to make fingerless mitts with. I belong to a couple of groups on Ravelry that have monthly challenges/knitalongs and would love to join in. I will make no promises about those things, though I have pledged to make a dishrag for a swap in January.

If I finish one or two of those things a month, I'll get them all done by the end of the year. Some will take a week and some could take several months. Perhaps I shall start by putting them all in lovely bags and finding all the bits and patterns and missing balls of yarn.

Or perhaps I should just keep this list handy and soldier on. Yes, probably that would be best. And really, as soon as I find the camera, I'll take pictures.


  1. I liked the Yarn Harlot's (I think it was) idea of putting things into project bags and then just grabbing one of those. It's just all the organisation involved at the beginning that puts me off. Plus I might change my mind about a yarn/pattern partway through!

  2. i am intrigued by this idea!
    and laughing at the idea of 97 things in 1997, i really slacked off that year! :)


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