Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Training for the Olympics

Anyone knitting for the Olympics? Although I tend to knit during the Olympics, and especially the winter ones, I've never actually signed up for anything official on Ravelry, but this year I am a member of Team Canada, I've got my project tagged with all sorts of official things and I'm ready to go.

I will be moderate in my knitting. The challenge for me will be to not get carried away! No hurting of the elbow or wrist! No knitting into numbness.

I am making the Popcorn Cloche, a hat which I should certainly be able to finish in 2 weeks without injury.

This old pattern is knit flat, but I will knit it in the round. And I kinda doubt I will finish it with a ribbon around the brim. I got some green Rowan 4 ply wool just before Christmas and I'll use that doubled. I did a very quick and dirty swatch today and that seems like it's going to work.

I'm also entering the WIP event -- I think they should have called it WIP Wrangling, but I believe it is WIP Dancing. And the work in progress that I shall be tackling? My Colonnade shawl... It makes me heave a great sigh just thinking about it, but perhaps the thrill of the Olympic competition and all the chit chat on Ravelry will make me persevere. In moderation, of course.

All this starts next Friday, February 7. Until then I will plug away at Elaine's second sock. It would be great to get that out of the way before the games begin.