Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blanket show-off

My denim quilt/blanket is finished. I realised when I was putting the final touches on it that I should have "signed" a piece and sewed it in, but I didn't. I do have little tags I sometimes sew into knitted garments, but they seem so little. So, it is an unsigned piece as yet.

The whole thing. I think of this as "upside down" but it really doesn't matter

You can see where I unfolded the cuff of a pair of capris

Here I need to tell a story: I wanted to put this pocket from that same pair of capris in, but I also wanted the piece to be long(ish) so I cut (thoughtlessly!) from quite far down the leg, and by the time I'd got to the pocket, my straight line had led me perilously close to the edge of the pocket. If I'd started higher up, I could have got more fabric outside the pocket. There was also a rivet in the corner of the pocket, and I didn't want to wreck my friend's machine by getting that under the foot. Anyways, a moment of despair followed. Finally, I just cut the edge and rivet off and sewed right through that dang pocket, fancy embroidered stuff and all.

A nice square corner, with the other pocket 

The whole pocket with rivet

That khaki piece on the edge is one of the major causes of wonkiness and unsquareness

Green geometric bit! Love it

Things look straight in the narrow view, but in fact they are not

I'm very happy with it, and various people have sat with it over their laps in recent days, so we can call it an all-round success, I think. Funny story: I went to our local stationer's/art supply store to get a skein of embroidery cotton for the ties. What do they cost, $2 or so? This shop only had packages. I was offereed 16 skeins for $18 or, for another dollar, 105 skeins. Since 16 is already a lifetime supply, and that was the good stuff, I went against my thrifty nature and passed on the 105, which were identified only with "Made in China."

My sewing is now on hold because I don't have a machine, but I am plotting to get one of those rotary cutters and hit the thrift shops to search out gigantic pairs of faded jeans. I have knit a sock and have planned my project for the Olympics. I'll report in on that this coming week.


  1. Congratulations! Looks great.

  2. I have been hoarding old pairs of jeans (even making friends and neighbours hand them over) for just such a blanket.

    Yours is lovely. Lovely.

    B x


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