Saturday, January 04, 2014

I finished a sock

I finished the dragon-skin Harvest Dew sock.

This looks like a Christmas stocking, all short in the foot. I can assure you, that's a size 13 sock, draped over a rounded chair arm. Really, it's long!

Great detail on the top of the foot. It gives you a bit of fun in that last, long slog to the toe.

The very exciting texture. Because the slipped stitches pull things in a bit, and because Arthur has really big feet, and because I perhaps foolishly used 2.75mm needles instead of the called-for 2.25mm, it really ate up the yarn. Alas, shortly after I turned the heel I weighed the remaining yarn and had just about 50 grams left. Minus most of a foot, now. So the "mate" will be a bit crazy. But, heck, one day, when Arthur starts worrying about matching socks, I might start buying 150 or 200 grams of the same sock yarn.

I also finished and mailed off my sister's scarf:

It's got 2 and a half balls of fuzz in it, so it is quite long. Long enough to fold around a neck, at least.

On to the next task, then!

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  1. the sock is gorgeous!
    and quite the undertaking at size 13 i'm sure!!!


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