Friday, February 24, 2017

Eye candy Friday

I've mentioned the Honest Ed's store before, I think. It has closed and is going to be demolished soon, to be replaced with residential towers and a bit of retail.

This weekend a big party is happening there in the empty building. I am doing a bit of volunteering, mainly because I wanted to see how it all works out! I have done a shift of smashing tables and carrying nail-filled plywood, to make the space usable for party-goers; I scrubbed gunk off mirrors and swept floors; and I'm doing some community activities today and tomorrow. I'll report in when it's all done.

They've got the lights back on! Of course, burned out bulbs have not been replaced in some time.

These balls were just lying there, being pretty, in one of the Honest Ed's spaces. I took this while things were still being set up; perhaps it is part of some larger art piece, or perhaps they are just gewgaws. Bonus artist's reflection in the shiny ones!

And a frame outside. Painted over several times. Just a bit odd. I like it.

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