Thursday, February 09, 2017

Another Thursday

This week's Think, Write, Thursday theme is "a love letter." That's a bit personal, isn't it?

Of course, it can be "to a person, an idea, a project, a dream, a wish, a relative, a famous person, an ancestor or anything (or anyone) else you can think of."

Silly or serious? Alan Rickman or my kids? 


I wrote that earlier this week while pondering the theme. 
And got no further.
And now I am pressed for time and, what am I to do? 

Quick, a photo:

We had some freezing rain the other day, which made for a treacherous walk and some nice icicles off every overhang. This is the Little Library up the street. I was thinking at the time of writing a love letter to my neighbourhood. 

Okay, and now I'm off... but don't think I don't love you all!

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