Thursday, February 16, 2017

Think Write Thursday

What are you procrastinating about? And why? And, finally, how are you going to address it?

There are the obvious things we deal with on this blog: how many half-knitted sweaters are lying around the house? Gazillions. The oldest work-in-progress project on Ravelry is from 2011... six years ago!

I have a few half-knit sweaters around. And how many sweaters do I wear regularly, out of all the sweaters I have knit over the years? Zero. They come out once in a while, especially in the spring and fall, when I wear them outside, but really, I do not need another sweater. (This can't be the only reason I don't finish them. It's unlikely I need any more shawls, either, and I can churn them out!)

One day, I will address this. I will get my bags and ziplocs and plastic bins and look at what's in them and do something. I can think of some frogging I might do.

But, you know, I'm busy these days! So things like making decisions about my handiwork get pushed aside.

Sometime in March?

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