Wednesday, April 02, 2008

More moss, and the sock on the town

I was thinking about mossy yarns the other day, and I remembered these lovely bits of handspun that I'd come across on my mossy West Coast travels.

The first ball, which I bought at a craft market on Hornby Island, had been once made into this scarf, but it was too short, and too tickly, and it got ripped.

The second ball came from a gallery on Pender Island last summer, and had just been sitting around... I think it even came from island sheep, spun and dyed locally.

So, I got my trusty 7 mm short circular needle, the two yarns, and a couple of afternoons, and came up with a nice warm hat... in April, just as I'm thinking I might one day be able to leave the house without a wool hat!

It's nice and slouchy and funky and very very mossy!

I did a few other things yesterday as well. I took my sock (my poor neglected sock!) out for a walk and took its picture at Honest Ed's.

The Yarn Harlot gave the knitters of Toronto a list of places/scenarios in which to take pictures of socks, and we seem to have been rather diligent about this! There's a flickr group here.

I knew I couldn't go to her talk, so I didn't go all out to collect lots of points, but I got a few.

Here's the sock on my deck, looking toward the CN Tower.

And now the sock had better get to work at getting longer, turning its heel and speeding toward the toe!

April goals include finishing this sock and the Jaywalker, and if I can do that, with perhaps a bit of fun on the side, I'll be content!


  1. I think i'm using the same color of the Kaffe Fasset yarn at the moment. Stephanie is coming to Minnesota next week, I am once again going to be her driver and emcee, so that should be fun.

  2. it's good that you rip things that don't work. As for socks, I find that just having then in my bag means that they magically get finished, but then again the London transport is dire.


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