Saturday, May 31, 2008

More on the weather

Our school fair was today, and we were all anxious about the weather.

8 am: Looks bad, been raining in the night.

9 am: Looks good, set-up begins outdoors.

11 am: The fair gets under way, clouds come and go.

3 pm: Time to clear up and go home.

3:30 pm: The heavens open in a miserable downpour.

So, success, I suppose!

I had great success at the rummage sale, as well. I got a cool tote bag, and three old Interweave Knits magazines, including the ones with the Swallowtail Shawl and the Icarus Shawl! (Ravelry links) So I am pleased as punch.

I must also tell you that I met Liz on Thursday and we hit several TO hot spots.

The Textile Museum, for Afghan war rugs -- very odd, but some were rather compelling. There was one that looked like a carpet a young boy would drive Dinky Toys around on, with the town all laid out, surrounded by tanks and helicopters.

We got to John's Italian Caffe for lunch (mine was an eggplant sandwich with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes: delicious) and Lettuce Knit for, um, yarn.

I was looking for more brown Manos and came away with bright blue Malabrigo laceweight. Ah, what fun... And now I have those shawl patterns! I have a million plans, but they all start with, "Let me just finish up this and this and then I'll start this, but, wait, what's this...?" Ah, well.