Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thinking about the Noro cardigan

Now that I have my striping Noro yarn, and my resolution to make a sweater out of it, I am reminded of why I haven't done this before... Those stripes kinda annoy me!

If I make a top-down raglan -- which is simple, not much sewing, sizing easy to figure out -- I'll have a yoke of narrow stripes that go all the way round, then a bit wider stripes on the body, also the same all round, and really wide stripes on the sleeves, and those likely won't match. I think it'll look odd.

If I make it in bits, I can mismatch things with a bit of planning, and even do the Rosedale thing of sticking a block in somewhere to break up the stripes. More work, likely more to my taste when done.

Do I make it with patterned raglan sleeves, like this sweater that started this whole train of thought?

What if I do a bit of a chevron stitch to give some movement to the stripes -- would that make the sleeves ridiculously fiddly to attach to the body? Should I do the whole thing in the same slightly chevrony stitch?

And the big question, to which I already know the answer: Do I really have to make a proper swatch? Can't I just make it up as I go along?

Right. I'll keep going for a bit!