Friday, October 09, 2009

When in doubt, find a UFO

I have a request out to a friend for an old VK pattern that might meet my requirements for a Kureyon sock yarn sweater, but she is being dilatory. Also, I haven't made my mind up about anything... Here are two crazy options, both Ravelry links: Lace Panel cardigan, and the Short-Sleeve cardigan. That last is tempting, but would it look like I was stretching my buttons to have that zig-zag edge in the front? It would get the stripes going all directions, which I like. More pondering...

But meanwhile, I have found my old friend, the denim mishmash cardigan.

I have progressed a bit further than that, and will likely have two complete fronts by the end of the weekend. Maybe even by the end of this evening if things go right! I'm thinking of simplifying life by making the back rather... simpler... than the fronts. Maybe do the leaf pattern from the sleeves up the back?

Tomorrow, if it doesn't continue to pour rain, I shall take the bits outside to the natural light and take a few photos. But for now, hmmm, what shall I show you?

How about Door #4 at the Wychwood Barns? From a few weekends ago, a sunny Saturday when we went to the market there.


  1. love door #4!
    can't wait to see what pattern you choose for the kureyon!

  2. The short-sleeved cardigan is lovely. Maybe you could even out the middle to meet?


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