Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Easing back into this

I took some pictures and just had to show them, so I guess my blog-free time is over. But I just came up with the idea of a Ravelry-free week, so I might do that next week -- can't do it just now, as I am meeting a fellow Raveler this week to sell her some magazines, and must keep in touch!

So, it was Halloween. Our neighbourhood association organized a Pumpkin Patch in the park -- we all took our pumpkins over there the evening of Nov. 1, and lit them up along a path. Lovely, though they had run out of hot chocolate by the time Elaine and I went over.

And this is the grisly scene Monday morning! Pumpkin carnage. They then all got picked up by some friendly guys who took them off to the city compost dump.

The other big event in the 'hood this weekend was a fire! Hmm, perhaps a Halloween party with candles? I don't know, but early Saturday morning our bus was rerouted because there were firetrucks on the main street, putting out a fire, above a place called the Children's Storefront. See the cheery mural on the exposed wall!

The Storefront was a place you could take little children to play, and many neighbourhood moms and nannies relied on it! I rarely took my kids there, because I found it was grimy in my day, and people smoked -- wow, that must have been in the 20th century -- but I spent many evenings there at La Leche League meetings, and it certainly is a loss for the local under-4 set!