Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two things happened today

Number 1: I was sitting in the living room, minding my own business, when a bird flew in the open front door and banged into the wall in the dining room, knocking itself senseless.

Eek! A bird is sitting on my dining room floor, and my bird guy is in Peru! (Ah, a neighbour who probably would know what to do in such a situation. He is also my moth guy and occasionally my plant guy, too.)

Arthur and I managed to upend an emptied knitting basket over the poor thing, slip a file folder underneath and transport it outside. We took the basket away and it sat there for a while, pooped on the file folder and finally flew away. And then I thought, "Jeez, I didn't take a picture!"

(I did knit myself a Clapotis in Denim last week.)

Thing 2: A while later I was in the park with Elaine, when some kids started collecting all the big plastic toys people have put there, and piled them up against the climber. (What do you call those things: playscape, play structure, climber??)

People who have play kitchens they don't want anymore put them in the park, or little backyard toddler slides or playhouses, or cars or anything! The kids all worked together, making a mountain of these things. Every once in a while things would get top heavy and crash over, and everyone got out of the way, and then started rebuilding.

Finally, I got a bright idea, and called Arthur at home and got him to run down the street with a camera (because my phone is from the 1920s and doesn't have a camera) to take some pictures. Of course, most of them have other kids in, so I hope this gives you an idea of the craziness.

We'll have to go back and see how the erosion works -- will they build it again, or will the pieces scatter around the park, or will some parent say, "Oh, this is terrible" and move some of the cars with no wheels to the trash?


  1. Great shot - keep us updated on the erosion. I was a latecomer to the Clapotis, but aren't they fun to knit?

  2. That's a lot of excitement for a quiet Sunday!

  3. No wheels? sounds like trash to me ..but one kid's trash is another kid's toy as they say..

    Love the denim shawl!! :)

  4. wow, that's crazy about the bird!
    what kind was it?

    your clapotis looks quite lovely. perfect for chasing away fall chills!


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