Saturday, October 02, 2010

Now my plans are all topsy turvy

Hey, looky what I got in the mail the other day!

Once upon a time, Alison had a contest on her blog, and I won! Yay me. And the prize was some of Alison's own Yarnscape yarn! Even more yay!

I was given my choice of colours, and settled on "Meadow," a greeny goldy meadow-like colourway!

This is her yarn called Flow, a 50/50 merino/silk blend, with a whopping 450 meters per 50 grams!

Two skeins is enough for Muir, or I could do Cold Mountain (if I just made it quite a bit smaller), a Lattice Lace Wrap (.pdf available in the sidebar), a lovely one called Gothic Night Shawl that I once found on Ravelry but now seems to have disappeared -- when I clicked the link I got some half-naked ladies and a 404 message.

I would like to make a Pi shawl (there are some snazzy new ideas on Ravelry) but they seem to need around 1200-1500 meters.

I would like to just take my gabillions of stitch patterns and make my own.

For now I will just admire, but soon I think I will succumb and at least wind one of the skeins into a ball, and then I might just swatch something... Watch this space! And do feel free to point me to other shawl patterns -- I only have 26 in my favourites on Rav...