Thursday, September 30, 2010

September round-up

Guess what? I didn't make it to Cambridge to see the bridge and the knitting. Maybe next time I should make plans more than a couple of days in advance!

And now we have another month gone. I got a load of things finished this month -- most of them, though, I also started this month!

The Ribwarmer. It was mailed off and received, and even worn, I hear, so that was a success.

The little neckwarmer made of the leftover ribwarmer yarn!

Two hats.

The DK wool blanket, started in March.

Let's have a look at this thing.

Although some panels look like someone chose the colours with a bit of care,

others look like they contain whatever colours were left over at the end! (Um, which is just what happened.)

Some are kinda kooky, but good (I think)

and I'd be pretty happy about the whole thing, if it weren't for the *&#@* MOTHS!

Two little holes chewed in my blankie! (I do admit that this sat in a heap on the floor for much of the last month while I got distracted. I didn't even put it in a bag, which might have saved us.) One hole is in the fabric, and when I was picking up this last edge, I noticed signs of chewing on the last stitches on a couple of rows! Note the "interestingly asymmetrical" line of the border. I finally decided to make a virtue of necessity (is that the right saying?) and embroidered a little heart over the darned hole! (Darned hole! Aren't I cute?)

Another thing I'm not super thrilled with is my garter stitch edges. It seemed like the simplest thing at the time, but they are all a bit flared. Serves me right for making a blanket in stocking stitch, I suppose. It's just that you (that is, I) make one edge along the cast on or cast off side, finish it up and realise it's not quite right, and experiment on the opposite side, maybe making it better, but still not perfect. Nothing you learn on these two sides is valid for the other sides, because now you are picking up on rows instead of stitches so the ratios are all different! So you repeat the "try, despair, try again" routine.

I know, I could think in inches instead of stitches, and I could take a bit of time to measure better.


For October, then:

Finish the cotton blanket.

One tiger sock for Arthur, to match the one I finished this summer.

It seems that I never showed you this. Or did I? Anyways, this needs a mate, and I will see what I can do about that.

I should also work on my witchy shawl, or Halloween will come and I'll be shawl-less!


  1. The blankie looks colorful and warm, and I'll bet the little heart will be someone's favorite part of it. And that person will probably think the edge is ruffly on purpose, because they won't be a knitter. So all good!

  2. love the blanket - it's "darned" cute!
    heh heh, that's a funny joke.

  3. I think the blanket looks quite nice. I rather like the slight wonkiness of it.

  4. The blanket is stunning...It really is eyes just want to keep looking at it...


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