Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life intervenes

So, I was cruising right along with my two almost-finished blankets, when, WHAM, someone I know got up in the morning to discover that her husband had passed away in the night.

He was not really that old, and though he had had a heart attack six months ago, I don't think anyone thought he would have another right now, so it was quite unexpected.

One must just knit through all crises, so I cast on a Ribwarmer (on Ravelry). I got some beautiful yellowy Lamb's Pride Bulky, and got through about half a ball when I realized that a) it was really irritating my eyes and nose and b) the person I was knitting it for doesn't like to wear wool!

This will one day become some sort of a hat, I suppose.

Back to the shop for me! This time I came home with some cotton, in lovely, cheery, sherberty colours.

This is the first half, or at least the first part of the first half. The original instructions have you knit this (collar bit, front, corner, little straight bit for your side, turn another corner) and then continue straight up the back, shape a shoulder, and then knit another piece the same and sew them together. I am going to knit the second one to this point, then join and make the back piece all in one (god willing, touch wood, etc). Progress is being made.


  1. The yarn is lovely, and so is your wish to help your friend.

  2. i'm sorry to hear of your friend's loss.

    both yarns are lovely - i'm glad you found a cotton yarn to use instead of the wool (although that yellow is just gorgeous!)


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