Sunday, September 05, 2010

New term, and all that

Well, it seems summer is winding down. The garden needs a lot of tidying up, and the knitting pile needs sorting.

Who knows what my last list of goals contained, but my present situation is this:

I have a cotton baby blanket about 3/4 done. I am not sure where it will end up, but someone will find a use for it, I know.

I'll sew it up and think of some simple edging for it. As you see, I am sticking some plain dark green squares in. It should end up 4x6 squares, about crib size.

I also have a woolen blanket all done but the edging.

I am aiming to get this to these guys, but must get to work on the border, which will not be the funnest thing. Lucky for me it has got cooler, so I can sit with a blanket on my lap while I knit! I think they want the items in the next few weeks.

That's all I'm thinking of at the moment. There are plenty of other things on the needles, and I will surely pick one or two of them up, but really, I'm going to concentrate on the blankies for now! Oh, and getting everyone back into a settled school-based routine!


  1. you're making great progress on both blankets!

  2. i love this change in season, september always feels like a fresh start after the heat of the summer, and what with school starting etc. I really like the blanket, and would be interested to see it once the edging is done!


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