Sunday, October 13, 2013

This might have been a normal week

I started this post days ago. It was my first "normal" week for a while!

First there was the beginning of school, the going-back hustle and bustle. Then came the film festival, which I semi-blogged, before going off to BC for most of the next week. When I came back we had two catastrophes at once: internet failure and bed bugs, which we think we picked up on holiday at the end of August. (We called in the big guns and have had no indication of a bug in the house since.)

Let's see... then what? Ah, the first week of October I was called to a jury panel, so I sat in a room with a hundred or two other people waiting for the wheels of justice to turn.

On the first day of my jury panel, I asked the man at the metal detector by the front door about knitting needles, and he seemed to suggest that non-metal ones would be okay. I asked the guy who was hanging around in some official capacity in the actual jury panel room and he told me no knitting needles. That was okay, because I had a 500-page novel to read, but the next day, having finished the book, I decided to call the office and ask again. The woman there said of course I could knit, but just bring "the flexible kind of needles."

So then, a hat on the good ol' 6 mm wooden circs. Ah, but yarn, what yarn do I even have? Things are still in a state of turmoil here and there (due partly to the lack of a "normal" week for some time) but I found a bag of miscellaneous balls of 4-ply that I once bought on eBay. I figured two strands of this held together with half a ball of leftover sock yarn would be about right, and cast on for this hat.

That took care of Wednesday (and the bag of scraps) and then on Thursday we all had to troop upstairs to the sixth floor to sit in a courtroom and perhaps be picked for an actual jury. I got one step closer, but didn't get picked ultimately. One week: a book, a hat and a lot of sudoku puzzles.

Also in the last little while, I finished a sock I started for Arthur an age ago. Lucky me, he tends to wear single socks, so I am not fussed about making another right now.

This summer I got on the bandwagon and made a honey cowl for Elaine. She picked the yarn, and she's even worn it once already. It was fun, but next time I will put an end-of-row marker right from the beginning, because you can see the "seam" line jogging around there. The picture is upside-down, and shows the earlier-knit bit at the top.

All together now:

My present project involves sewing together a bunch of scarves no one ever wears. A crazy old blanket is emerging.... I got a few scarves sewn together before I remembered various half-started squares blankets. Will dig out the squares and see what happens then!


  1. ooooh! i'm intrigued by this blanket idea... will look forward to seeing some progress photos!

  2. All three of those are lovely. Looking forward to seeing the crazy blanket.


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