Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wow, I just learned about some great designers

Lotsa links here, folks.

I learned something brilliant about these cups Thursday night. (They are on Ebay; you can buy them.) 

I saw a movie called Design is One. Massimo and Lella Vignelli are Italian-American designers who designed everything. Just everything. 

This was American Airlines' logo for over forty years. I hear they've updated.

Subway maps come and go; this one is in the Museum of Modern Art

How about some comfortable clothing? They designed that, too. And some stunning silver jewelry.


They even designed a church. It is a lovely looking place, with a heavy plain altar ("God's table") and variable seating and this gorgeous silver.

Wait, I was telling you about the cups. The original design of the cup is shown in the white one on the righthand stack. The plastic flows smoothly, and so the top of the handle forms an opening in the top of the cup, and if you are a greedy North American with your coffee up to the top, it overflows and makes a big mess. Of course, a cool Italian would just have a bit of espresso in the cup, a demitasse, modestly and elegantly. The company that made the cups eventually put a bit of plastic at the top so people could have their giant cups of coffee, but Massimo says in the film that people are now learning that perhaps he was right in the first place, and they want the original look. 

Wow, I was so impressed... Watch the movie if you can!