Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Away, then back again

Ah, it's been a while!

The last week of July we all went to Vancouver for some rest and relaxation. Of course, we had things to do and friends to see and relatives to visit and really, we didn't rest much.

We stayed down in the West End, once home to street prostitutes and gays; now home to rich people, some gay, some not.

This is the floor of our lovely apartment, a corner of the living room, I believe.

We have the idea that we will retire to Vancouver, specifically to an apartment in the West End with a view, steps from the beach and park. We did manage to hit one open house while we were there, and saw an okay "penthouse" for almost a million dollars. So we could just about trade our family house in Toronto for a sixth-floor apartment with two bedrooms, no basement, no yard...

Real estate ogling was not our priority, though. We saw friends for lunches and dinners; Stephen's mom and sister came and stayed a few days; we saw an electric vehicle show (it's weird watching a guy ride an electric unicycle, which one doesn't need to pedal) and the Science World, where my cousin's daughter works. We walked in the woods of Lynn Canyon and went across the suspension bridge (smaller than the famous Capilano Bridge, and free). We also rode bikes around Stanley Park a couple of times and saw two nights of the Celebration of Light, a huge fireworks competition and show. Lucky for us, we were just blocks from the beach and could stroll down after dinner. The sea of people walked up past our apartment afterwards, for about an hour.

We went past my old house, where I lived till I was about 14 or 15. It looks like no one has pruned a bush since we left it, but lots of houses in that neighbourhood have been knocked down, so I am pleased it is still there. The trees all over the city are, of course, much bigger than they were in 1985, when I last lived there.

We are having photo issues, what with new computers and different accounts and all that jazz, but I think I can leave you for today with Tomas, my great-nephew. His shirt says I Love ♥ BC ♥ Midwives. Yeah, and he's wearing some sort of helmet and has his ninja stick thing within reach.

Back soon with pictures of knitting old and new, some pretty scenery, maybe even some fireworks! Now I gotta go find my tech-support guy/husband.

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