Monday, August 11, 2014

Quick look at a bunch of dishrags

I needed to make some dishcloths for a housewarming gift, and then got a bit carried away, trying to finish up all the bits and bobs of yarn in the bag.

So here is what happened:

A house shaped cloth! You start at the roof top;
I made it look as much like my friend's house as I could, for a dishcloth!

Commemorative dishrag,
 in case she ever forgets when she bought her house. 

Stephen liked this one, so it's a keeper. Rainbow and green

Some nice leftover bits of reasonable size.

Mostly green and variegated,
 ran out of green and subbed with red!

Round, and a pretty colourway!

A wedge

Using up the icky baby blue/pink and some
 horrid beige-with-splats colourway

with a bit of brightness at the top edge. 

The never-ending supply of red, with tiny scraps
 of other colours, and bits of beige-with-splats

I bought this Christmas yarn in a thrift shop in BC,
 before I got hold of the sock project

There was a tiny bit of heavier green yarn,
 to make a teeny mat for the teapot, or something like that

This colourway was in my possession for ages.
So ugly.

This is probably the ugliest of all.
 Finally the end of the red, scraps of the pretty blue,
 the Christmas yarn, the ugly variegated, even some bright white!

I am left with some beige from this last cloth and a tiny bit of the white, along with a few bits that are not even long enough for a full row of a square cloth. This does not mean I need to rush out to reestablish the dishrag-cotton supply!

Now if I can just work the same trick on the sock yarn... Don't hold your breath. 


  1. I liked them all, but I liked the icky baby blue one. And the never ending supply of red, if you want to get rid of the extras. :-)

  2. hooray!! i love me a good dishcloth parade!!


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