Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Finally finding the camera cord

Here's some knitting for you!

This is a Bandana Cowl I made for Stephen for bike-riding in the winter. I thought I would give it to him for Christmas, but it just took a weekend of train rides and it was done! Since I couldn't help but show it off to him, and since he will likely need it before the end of December, I guess I need a new Christmas idea.

Cascade 128, in a sort of lava-like colourway. I like how the variegation changes with the shaping. I think I like the very top striping the best.

This is Arthur's latest "pair" of socks.
I finished the first one in January, but it took me a while to get going on the second, and I didn't have enough yarn.

So, a bit of leftovers and we're in business. Glary photo...

And, um, then we have the next project... Kaffe Fassett is designing a blanket or cushion, and I just have to knit along with that! It's a mystery knitalong for Pure Wool Worsted, but I went for Wool Cotton.

The first square will be in these four colours. Actually, the dark grey is supposed to be "rich red," but I couldn't see anything that suited in the substitution yarn, so I used dark grey. 

The original four colours were rich red, raspberry, damson and periwinkle. I have dark grey, something close enough to raspberry, a dull darkish reddish purple, and a blue we could call periwinkle.

So, all fun and games. I am also working on two pairs of socks, which might end up being Christmas presents! As always, many more plans than I can fit in. Today I am sick and miserable, so finding the camera cord and downloading some pictures was about the limit of my abilities.

One more picture, the last of the TIFF pics:

Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson and others on stage after the showing of their movie Learning to Drive. Mr Kingsley (Sir Ben, I believe) said it was nice, after playing a number of villains, to just put on a turban and play a decent man. (The man in the turban might just be Harpreet Singh Toor, who had a small part in the movie and was their advisor on all things Sikh.)